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    Before you can make hedge or long positions, please read and agree to the terms of service.

    Terms of Service

    This is a non-custodial service:

    • You choose what wallet you want to use.
    • No one can help you recover without a backup.
    Testing Warning

    This is a beta release:

    • Enjoy the application and please give us feedback to develop more features!
    • Chat with us on Telegram.
    • Some features are still missing or incomplete.



     If price reaches xxx USD/BCH (-xx%) any time before maturity, the contract will liquidate immediately with zero payout.

     Pay out early if price reaches xxx USD/BCH (-xx%) any time before maturity.

     Reduce fee by selecting a lower value.

    Fund position

    Upon funding the below premium will be paid to your payout address
    Including fees and premiums, you will be in profit in UNIT_CODE terms if the UNIT_CODE/BCH price is above X.XX UNIT_CODE at contract maturity.
    Further details about how the contracts work, including liquidation and calculations, can be found here.
    Including fees and premiums, you will pay X.XX UNIT_CODE, and receive X.XX UNIT_CODE when the contract settles.
    Further details about how the contracts work and calculations can be found here.

    Position Status

    Position funded!

    Position refunded!



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    position value matures
    No active positions.
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    Manage account


    Your usage history and contracts are tied to your account key.

    • This website generates an initial key on your device which is safe for normal usage.
    • This website will hold custody of your money for a few seconds while it prepares a position.
    Account Key

    In order to ensure that you can recover your history in case of failure, you should make a backup of your account key.

    Restore backup

    Current account

    Current account

    If you replace this account with a backup, you will not have access to this account's history.

    Existing positions will still settle and pay out according to each position's configuration.

    Backup account

    Backup account

    Payout address


    Choose where contracts and this website should send you money.

    • Use a receiving address from your wallet.
    • Do NOT use an exchange deposit address.
    • Note that changing the payout address will only affect future contracts. The payout address of established contracts cannot be modified.

    Password lock


    Choose when a password is required

    When locked the application will only store the encrypted version of your account key.


    Choose a password for the lock

    To prevent misspellings you need to enter the password two times when you enable the lock.

    Account History

    No transactions.


    Restrict access

    Choose how to restrict access before leaving.

    If you lock the account, you can restore access by entering your password later.

    If you delete the account keys, you can restore access by importing from a backup.

    Close application

    Leave without restricting access.

    If you leave without restricting access, anyone on this device can access your account.

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